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This is Not My Beautiful House II


As we get older, the spaces and places we inhabit need to be more connected, accessible, and secure, without compromising on beauty. This is Not My Beautiful House II, which is developed in partnership with Create, the National Development Agency for collaborative arts and the Irish Architecture Foundation, is the second in a series of Bealtaine seminars exploring key issues impacting on our social, economic and cultural rights to adequate housing, public space and cultural and creative lives as we get older.

The seminar will specifically look at how the arts and creativity can generate debate about choice, participation and rights, with, and for, older people in relation to the planning and design of social and built communities. It will also consider how collaborative arts and architectural practices can influence a paradigm shift in how, as a society, we think about housing and public space beyond a top down and market-led model, to more community orientated and sustainable frameworks.

Over the course of a day, the seminar will draw on current trends in research, policy, planning and creative practices engaged in developing alternative designs for intergenerational living within a spatial justice frame. We interpret spatial justice as the organisation – in terms of the acquisition, development and management – of public spaces and places and how these processes generate forms of justice (and injustice) in societies.

This event is aimed at policy makers, community workers, researchers, architects, artists, planners and older people active in housing issues as well as the general public.

Opening Address Helen McEntee T.D., Minister of State for Mental Health and Older People

Chaired by Catriona Crowe (Academic and Archivist) with a keynote by Prof. Jan Baars (Philosopher/Critical Gerontologist based in the Netherlands) speakers include The Decorators & Joe Coveney, Prof. Mary P. Corcoran, Prof. Gerry Kearns, Jack Keyes, Dr. Deirdre O’Mahony, Dr. Sophie Handler, Fionnuala Rogerson, Sinead Shannon, Dr. Christine McGarrigle and Sarah Wigglesworth.

This is Not My Beautiful House II is a Seminar as part of Age & Opportunity‘s Bealtaine Festival 2017, which uniquely celebrates the arts and creativity as we age. The festival is run by Age & Opportunity, the national organisation that promotes active and engaged living as we get older.


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